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Dream Theater have completed work on their 8th full length studio album entitled “OCTAVARIUM” which is tentatively set for release through Atlantic Records on June 7th, 2005.

The track listing is as follows:

1. The Root Of All Evil
2. The Answer Lies Within
3. These Walls
4. I Walk Beside You
5. Panic Attack
6. Never Enough
7. Sacrificed Sons
8. Octavarium

Waktu 2 tahun vakum utk mengurus side project tampaknya sudah
cukup bagi para personel dream theater.band yang berpersonel
James LaBrie (vocal) , john Myung (Bass) , john petrucci (guitar)
mail portnoy…eh mike portnoy (drum) 😛 akan mengeluarkan album
terbarunya “OCTAVARIUM” selama vacuum semua personel Dream
theater disibukkan dgn proyek pribadi masing-masing.John petrucci
yang telah merilis solo album, Suspended Animation (2005).
James LaBrie akan merilis album solonya 5 april mendatang, Elements
pursuasion , mike portnoy malahan udah merilis album solonya yg
berjudul Office of strategic influence (2003). Kibordis Jordan
rudess juga akan merilis debut solo rhythm of time. begitu juga John
myung dengan Jelly jam 2, album solo keduanya. (cefe/berbagai sumber) 😀

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~ by cefe on March 31, 2005.

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