Sumpah pemuda

eh nih 28 oktober
hari nasional kan ? sumpah pemuda

di wikipedia tadi baru nemuin sumpah pemuda

Sumpah Pemuda

The Sumpah Pemuda, or Youth Pledge, was a promise given by Pemuda Indonesia, the Indonesian Youth Nationallists, stating:

“Satu Tanah Air-Indonesia Satu Bangsa-Orang Indonesia Satu Bahasa-Bahasa Indonesia”

This Youth Pledge, utterly importent at the time, became policy after Sukarno declared independance in 1945. Despite all the Ethnic groups, Sukarno set up school curriculae meant to ingrain the idea of one nation and one people, in the sense of the nation’s motto-“Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”-Unity in Diversity. However, the Ideas of One Language and One People became corrupted under the Suharto regime, where the government-dominated by the Muslim Javanese-used the doctrine to oppress other ethnic grups demanding more political freedom-namely, the Achinese and East Timorese. However, with the restoration of civilian government, Sumpah Pemuda has once again become a national document on par with the American Declaration of Independance


~ by cefe on October 28, 2005.

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